16 Best Women’s Day Event Ideas

As International Women’s Day 2024 approaches, the anticipation for celebrating the achievements and empowerment of women grows stronger. Here are some best Women’s Day event Ideas we have. The Theme of Women’s Day 2024 by The United Nations is “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress” You can participate in social media with the Hashtag #Investinwomen

Other than that, Have you ever found yourself wondering: “What unique and innovative ways can we commemorate this special occasion?”

Join us as we embark on a journey to explore captivating and unconventional event ideas that promise to inspire, uplift, and unite women from all walks of life. From thought-provoking workshops to vibrant cultural celebrations, get ready to discover Women’s Day event ideas that will leave you inspired and eager to celebrate the remarkable women in your community.

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Why it is important to celebrate Women's day?

The Statistics from Womankindorg shed light on the persistent gender inequalities that continue to hinder women’s progress worldwide. The fact that 1 in every 3 women around the world experience Violence demands urgent action to end gender-based violence.

Similarly, the low representation of women as landholders and parlimentarians highlights the persisting barriers to women’s empowerment and participation in decision-making processes. It demands a more inclusive and equitable society where women have equal opportunities and rights. 

Celebrating Women’s Day is like giving a big High-five to all the amazing women! It’s important because it’s a chance for us to shine a spotlight on women’s incredible achievements and contributions in every aspect of life.

Whether breaking glass ceilings, fighting for equal rights, or simply being awesome role models, women deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. It’s also a reminder that the journey towards gender equality is ongoing, and by coming together to celebrate Women’s Day, we’re showing our support and commitment to making the world a better, fairer place for everyone.

So here’s to all the strong, inspiring, and downright fabulous women – let’s celebrate you today and every day!

10 Women's Day Event Ideas

Here are some Women’s Day event ideas that provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to come together to invest in women’s empowerment and accelerate progress towards gender equality and social justice.

Virtual Panel Discussions

Organize a virtual panel discussion featuring inspirational women from various industries sharing their experiences, insights, and advice on topics related to women’s empowerment, leadership, and gender equality. 

As you are planning your celebration for your office, You can also research some interesting events and encourage your staff to join you. One of the best sites is International Women’s Day Event ideas. 

Empowerment Workshop Series

Offer a series of virtual workshops focused on skills development, personal growth, and empowerment. Topics could include negotiation skills, confidence-building, self-care, and overcoming imposter syndrome.

Such empowerment workshops will boost confidence, skill enhancement, practical tools, and resources and also enhance empowerment and resilience. 

This is a remarkable match for the Women’s Day theme #Investinwomen

Mentorship Match-up

Facilitate a mentorship program connecting experienced women leaders with aspiring mentees in fields such as business, technology, academia, and the arts.

Host virtual networking sessions to foster connections and mentorship opportunities.

Wellness Retreat

Host a virtual or physical wellness retreat focused on promoting mental, emotional, and physical well-being for women. Offer yoga and meditation sessions, mindfulness workshops, and discussions on topics such as stress management and work-life balance. 

This retreat offers a nurturing space for women to come together, recharge, and celebrate themselves in a supportive and empowering environment.

Participants can indulge in rejuvenating activities such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, and spa treatments, all aimed at promoting relaxation, stress relief, and inner peace. 

In addition to physical activities, the retreat can also include workshops and discussions on topics like self-care, body positivity, mental health, and holistic wellness. 

Women's Day Event Ideas
Women's Day Event Ideas

With nutritious meals, inspiring sessions, and opportunities for connection and reflection, the Wellness Retreat serves as a meaningful way to honor women’s resilience, strength, and inherent worth on International Women’s Day and beyond. It’s a time for women to prioritize their well-being, reconnect with themselves, and celebrate the unique journey of womanhood together.

Community Service Projects

Women's Day Event ideas

Hosting community service projects as a Women’s Day event ideas are powerful way to honor women. 

Partner with local organizations to coordinate a community service project. Participants can volunteer their time and skills to support causes that uplift and empower women and girls in need. 

This could involve volunteering at a women’s shelter, organizing a donation drive for hygiene products or clothing, or hosting educational workshops on topics such as financial literacy or self-defense.


Virtual Art Exhibition

Hosting a Virtual art Exhibition is one of the best Women’s Day event ideas. It celebrates the creativity and talent of women artists from diverse backgrounds.

Through online galleries and interactive showcases, viewers can explore a variety of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and photography, each reflecting the unique perspectives and experiences of women. 

The exhibition offers a platform for dialogue and reflection on themes such as feminism, gender equality, and empowerment, fostering connections and appreciation for the transformative power of art in celebrating women’s achievements and resilience.

Host an online gallery featuring diverse perspectives and themes related to women’s experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

Women's Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition

The theme of 2024 International Women’s Day is “Invest in Women: Accelerate growth” This is one of the excellent Women’s Day event ideas. It is a dynamic and empowering way to showcase the ingenuity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of ambitious female entrepreneurs. 

This event provides aspiring women entrepreneurs with a platform to pitch their business ideas, receive feedback from expert judges, and compete for prizes and opportunities to further develop their ventures.

Participants can present a wide range of business concepts, from tech startups to social enterprises, each driven by the passion and vision of female founders. The competition not only highlights the diversity and creativity of women-led businesses but also inspires and encourages other women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

You can also host a pitch competition for women entrepreneurs seeking funding and support for their startups or business ventures. Invite investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors to judge the competition and provide feedback and funding opportunities.

This serves as a best platform for networking, mentorship, and support fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among women. 


Expressing Gratitude towards women

It acknowledges and appreciates the contributions, achievements, and efforts of women in all aspects of life.

By expressing gratitude for the women in our lives, whether they are family members, friends, colleagues, mentors, or community leaders, we recognize their importance and affirm their worth.

A simple thank-you note, message or e-card can serve as a reminder of the support, encouragement, and inspiration that women provide each day, and it can go a long way in fostering mutual respect, appreciation, and solidarity.

In essence, the value of a thank-you lies in its ability to honor and uplift women, reaffirming their significance and celebrating their invaluable contributions to society. It is one of the best and simplest women’s day event ideas.

Women's day event ideas

Financial Literacy Workshops

Offer workshops and seminars aimed at improving women’s financial literacy and empowering them to take control of their financial futures.

Topics could include budgeting, saving, investing, and retirement planning. 

According to Quest International Study research published in 2023. It’s evident that women as a whole lack financial literacy. which leads to detrimental consequences.  

Allianz Economic Forum also highlights the Financial literacy gender gap. 

Financial literacy workshops can help break down barriers that women face in accessing financial services and resources, promoting greater financial inclusion and equality. 

Women's day event ideas

It also closes the gender wealth gap, empowers women by creating a generational impact by positive ripple effect on future generations.


These are the 10 best Women’s Day event ideas centered around the theme “Invest in Women: Accelerate Growth” which offers powerful opportunities to celebrate, empower, and uplift women.

By prioritizing initiatives that support women’s economic empowerment, leadership development, and well-being, these events contribute to accelerating progress toward gender equality and inclusive growth and inspired inclusion.

Whether through mentorship programs, entrepreneurship pitch competitions, wellness retreats, or community service projects, each event embodies a commitment to investing in women’s potential and creating a more equitable and prosperous future for all. 

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