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We’re a team of passionate working women dedicated to empowering you on your journey. Whether you’re managing teams, climbing the corporate ladder, juggling motherhood, or launching your own venture, we understand the unique challenges and joys you face. Our blog is your space for practical advice, inspiring success stories, and real-world insights from women navigating similar paths. We’re not about unrealistic expectations; we’re about celebrating wins (big and small), tackling tough topics, and fostering a supportive space where you can thrive in both your career and personal life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide working women with practical tools, actionable advice, and inspiring stories to help them navigate the complexities of work-life balance, career advancement, and personal growth.

Working Women

Meet our Team

Meet the dedicated team driving this mission forward, who are passionate about helping women thrive in their careers and achieve their full potential. Our team brings a wide range of knowledge and experience, from diverse industries, HR Professionals, and leadership coaches to working mothers with real-life insights. Our team is here to guide and inspire you.

Picture of Iqra Ashraf

Iqra Ashraf

As an Electrical and Automation Engineer, Iqra Asraf helps companies innovate. As a mom of two, she understands the unique challenges working women face. After 10+ years in her field, she's dedicated to empowering women to break down barriers and achieve their professional and personal goals.

Picture of Amna Khan

Amna Khan

Amna Khan is a dedicated Talent Management Specialist with a passion for empowering organizations through strategic HR solutions. With over 6 years of experience, she excels in talent acquisition, development, and retention. Amna is also a skilled expert in emotional intelligence and communication, topics she frequently explores in her blog for working women. As a working mother, Amna understands the importance of balancing professional goals with personal priorities. This perspective fuels her writing, offering practical insights for Professionals and Leaders.

Picture of Saba Shahzadi

Saba Shahzadi

Saba Shahzadi Leads Quality initiatives in the multinational food and processing industries, ensuring standards are met. Beyond her technical expertise, Saba is passionate about empowering other working women. Drawing on her experience navigating the corporate world, she offers insights and strategies to help women thrive in their careers, achieve work-life balance, and reach their full potential.

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