Productivity: What is it? Why It Matters and How to Measure It

Productivity is a term we often use in our conversation about work, personal development and time management. Do you know what exactly productivity mean? In this article, we will explore productivity concept in details. What it is? why it is so crucial in today’s fast-paced world. 

What is Productivity?

Productivity, actually is a measure of how efficiently resources are used to achieve specific goals and generate desired outcome within specific time. 

In other words productivity can be defined as doing more with less. Whether you are a student, a professional, an entrepreneur or personal growth oriented person, productivity plays a pivotal role in your success. 

Personal Productivity

Personal productivity is how efficiently an individual manage their own tasks, time and resources to achieve their personal goals and objectives. 

It’s a measure that how well a person can prioritize, organize and complete their daily activities and long-term goals making the most of their available resources. It involves techniques and strategies to optimize performance and results. 

Organizational Productivity

This is also called Business or company’s productivity. It refers to the overall efficiency with which company utilizes its overall resources to achieve its goals and objectives. It involve collective output of all employees, departments and processes within the organization. 

It shows company’s overall health and competitiveness. Higher productivity leads to increased profitability, customer satisfaction, and market share etc. 

For this we use various strategies and tools such as performance metrics, process improvement methodologies, Artificial intelligence and other technology related tools and solutions to enhance and measure organizational goals. 

What is productivity in the workplace?

Workplace productivity is how much “work” is done over a specific period of time. It is measured by overall sales gained, customer acquired etc. 

The end goal of a company should be to maximize productivity without sacrificing product quality and being efficient with company’s resources. 

The components of productivity

There are 3 main components of Productivity.

Time Management: Time is finite resource, we all have 24 hours to manage. Effective time management is a heart of productivity. It involves setting priorities, planning tasks, and allocating time to each activity in order to maximizes efficiency. 

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Being productive isn’t only about doing things quickly but also doing the right things. Quality is a basic ingredient in order to produce  meaningful goals.

Goal Setting: Productivity is linked to goal settings. The more clarity of end goals you have, the more efficiently and productively you can achieve. Clarity gives you direction and motivation and you find more ways to achieve your goals. 

Why Productivity Matters

Achieve more: When you’re productive. you can accomplish more tasks in less time. This leads to increased output, whether in personal or professional projects or daily life.

Reducing Stress: It helps alleviating stress. When you’re organized and efficient, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed by tasks piling up.

Enhance Quality: Quantity is not enough if you’re not providing quality work. When you’re more focused. your work quality will be better. 


Tips to increase your personal Productivity

Whether you are seeking to enhance your personal or professional productivity. You need to follow these tips. 

  1. Make your To-do list in your phone or diary and establish short term and long term goals. (If you won’t claim it, you won’t make it)
  2. Prioritize your tasks 
  3. Complete your most hated tasks first thing in the morning
  4. Using Pomodoro technique. to take well-calculated breaks to boost overall production.


Productivity is a very essential term when you want to maximize your results within target time period and you want to get ahead of the ordinary. 

Productivity in the workplace as well as in personal life is necessary measure to achieve more, enhance quality and reducing stress. 

You can use several tools to increase your productivity like making a To-do list, prioritizing, pomodoro technique etc. 

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